Monday, March 9, 2009

iCal reads Exchange calendars with Exchangeling

Recently my workplace decided to require everyone to use Exchange 2007. If you are a Mac or Linux user and work in an organization that uses Microsoft Exchange you know it's not much fun. The email isn't reasonable cross platform since it supports IMAP (even if it has a few bugs), but the calendar virtually requires using Windows.

If you have a Mac you can try to use Entourage but it's a resource hog and not well supported. You might try to use the web version (Outlook Web Access) but unless you use Internet Explorer it's almost worthless. You could also use Windows with Remote Desktop or a virtual machine but that's not very convenient.

Luckily one of my co-workers found the Exchange web service reference and we used it to build a Java application that converts calendars to the iCalendar format. If you find any of this interesting you'll want to take a closer look at our Exchangeling project. It's the missing iCalendar feature for Microsoft Exchange.


arossello said...

Cool, just found your site after seeing the Exchangeling project listed on Google code.

Thinking of giving it a shot as I can't bear to keep Entourage in the background any longer just to sync the calendar.

How has it been working for you now that it's been a while?

Ben said...

I've been happy with it. I've also heard positive results from others so I think that's a good sign.